Essential diamond painting tools: A complete intro to diamond art supplies

Essential diamond painting tools: A complete intro to diamond art supplies

The diamond painting craze is on the rise, attracting artisans of all ages since entering the realm of crafty, creative hobbies - it really is a phenomenon! Aside from being a lot of fun, one of the most important advantages of this pastime is that it doesn't require expensive diamond painting tools or a particularly spacious craft table.


Diamond pen and multiple placer

Diamond pens are used to transfer diamonds to your canvas and come in a variety of designs with a variety of functions and applications. They are the most important of all diamond painting tools! Here is a brief overview of the different diamond pens you can find:


Standard drill pen

Standard drill pens are usually included in most hobby diamond painting kits and are very simple to use.


To transfer a rhinestone to a canvas, you can apply diamond painting wax to the tip of your pen, pick up a gemstone from the tray, and place it on your surface, one diamond at a time.



Some pens have wax tips that can be sharpened like regular pencils and replaced once they are too short to grip.


These tools can be fun to craft with, but know that whether to use a standard drill pen or crayon is ultimately a matter of personal preference.


Wheel pickup pen

In contrast to the pens mentioned above, wheeled pickup pens are more complementary because they can only be used in areas of the canvas that require the same color.


This item has a small sticky wheel, which is used to roll diamonds of the same color while grasping multiple drill bits instead of one after the other. The beauty of this tool is that you can place and remove the drill bit all at once.


This saves time if you have a large area to cover! On the other hand, you may need to experiment a little until you get the hang of it.



Adding different apps to your pen, such as multiple placers, is an extraordinary way to make the activity more dynamic and engaging once you've mastered more tricks.


There are lots of helpful tips and tricks as well as plenty of free online resources for additional support guidance!



Diamond painting wax is probably the least expensive item you can purchase for this craft, but is essential if you use standard drill pens and multiple drill pens.


Wax is used to transfer diamonds from the tray to the canvas. It is weaker than the adhesive on the canvas to ensure a smooth transition.


Although wax is included in every diamond painting kit, you can also make your own! Researching online tutorials and DIY tips is a great way to learn how to incorporate household materials into a project, such as blue tack or craft putty.


You can also purchase this wax separately with different shapes, colors, smells, and designs to make crafting more fun!


Diamond tray

A diamond tray seems unnecessary. But without them, diamond painting would have a very busy life!


These small plastic containers have fluted lines where the diamonds will be placed. With just a shake, the drill will flip over with the sticky side facing up, making it easy to grab them with your pen.


This means you don't have to turn the crystal every time you need to pick up the drill!


This accessory is included with every Diamond Painting Kit, but you can also purchase these accessories individually to your liking, whether you are looking for special tray designs or larger trays with different compartments.

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