How to Clean Diamond Painting Drills

How to Clean Diamond Painting Drills

If you have been working on diamond art projects for a while, you may have begun to notice that some of your diamond painting drills and tools have become greasy and sticky over time. Don't worry! This is a common problem when you frequently use tools to paint with diamonds. Luckily, there are several ways to clear out your supplies in a matter of minutes so you can get right back to your drawing.


Over time, you may need to replace drill bits and other diamond painting accessories as they get old and wear out. For now, however, we recommend keeping a few of each tool and a few extra diamond bits on hand so you don't get stuck trying to clean greasy bits or dirty tools that are long gone. In addition, cleaning your equipment regularly prevents buildup and ensures that everything you need is in place when you move on to your next project. Read on to discover some of the ways diamond painters clean tools and drills.


Solve the diamond painting drill problem, make diamond art more interesting

When you use diamond painting drills and other tools (tweezers or even trays, for example), these items can easily become sticky and greasy, as regular use of wax can help you pick up drill bits and place them on the canvas. No one wants sticky hands, and greasy tools can be difficult to use and cause some frustration when working on projects that are supposed to be painless. If you are wondering how to clean your diamond painting diamonds, they may have reached the point where they are difficult to use. Try to clean the bits you own and then remember to clean them regularly to prevent them from getting too greasy and sticky in the future.


DIY tips for cleaning diamond painting drills and tools

Wipe your diamond paint drill bit

If your drill or tool is only moderately oily, sometimes a simple wipe will do. We prefer to use baby wipes to remove excess wax and oil stuck to tools and drills, but you can also use wet wipes with a little dish soap. Remember to rinse your drill bits thoroughly after wiping and allow them to air dry to prevent any moisture from becoming trapped.


Give your drill a deep clean

If your 5D diamond picture diamond is beyond the scope of mere wipe cleaning, you will need a more in-depth cleaning. Fill a bowl with warm water, then add a little dish soap and disinfectant. Place the drill bits in a mesh filter and drop them into the water. Let them sit in the mixture for a while -- between 30 and 60 minutes. Pull the filter out of the water, rinse the drill with fresh water, and dry it on a plate or paper towel until all the water is gone. Do not put the drill away until it is completely dry. If you do this while they are still wet, they are likely to stick together. They can even develop mold if stored in a humid condition.


Carry extra diamond painting tools and drill bits with you

When sitting down to complete a diamond art kit, you should always have a few extra supplies on hand -- just in case something goes wrong. Invest in a few different sets of tools and keep extra drills on hand so that if you find something too greasy and difficult to clean, you can use new tools in stock. It's also a good idea to keep extra other materials, such as wax, in case you start running low-medium projects. If you are completely out of wax, you can use some great household alternatives, such as tack.


It is wise to purchase specific storage containers to keep everything neat while protecting your round and square drills from damage. Remember to clean drill bits and other diamond art accessories before using logistics. This will help you avoid having to throw them away later or wipe off the wax residue.


If you enjoy finishing diamond art painting, it's important that you have all the right Diamond Art Accessories -- and that you understand how to clean your diamond painting diamond.
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