How to Increase your Diamond Painting Speed?

How to Increase your Diamond Painting Speed?


Do you find yourself wishing you could finish your Diamond Painting Kits faster? Perhaps you are working with large diamonds and want to know how to do diamond painting quickly.


Several experts in diamond painting have discovered diamond painting speed up techniques that can help beginners and intermediates, and even experts get the job done faster. We've put together some of these tips to improve diamond painting. After reading this article, you no longer have to wonder how people can finish their big works in a few months when it takes you almost a whole year. Let's continue our discussion of priceless tips for speeding up diamond painting.


Use large diamond bead trays

Large trays help you work longer without refilling beads, which will save you some work time. You can also use a clear box that allows you to place many small trays with different bead colors at once. Shake the beads on the tray from side to side and tilt slowly so that the beads line up in a straight line, making it easier to pick them as you work.


Use multiple applicator tips to drill pens

Experts usually choose a variety of placement tools, including nine, six, or three bead tips. Multiple applicator tips help you place multiple beads at a time instead of just one at a time. While multi-head applicators are faster, they can be cumbersome for beginners who may not be able to place beads directly. Straightening the beads may take more time than placing them one on top of the other. Therefore, you can experiment with multiple applicators and a single suction head to see which one you prefer.


Keep your hands in a comfortable working position

Whether you choose multiple applicator heads or continue with a single bead pen, make sure your tray is close to your hand so you don't have to stretch and tire your hands every time. Sit in such a way that you can move your arms painlessly. Start your project under the right conditions, considering which hand you will be using. Try different angles to find the one that works best for you.


Work by color or part

Most diamond painting experts prefer to work by color rather than by part. Their reasoning is that working by color helps you focus on putting one color in its place before moving on to the next, saving you time picking different colors. When working by section, you need to use all the colors required for a particular section, and choosing from one color tray to another can be time-consuming and laborious. Finally, you can try both techniques, as well as which ones you like and what motivates you.

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