How to make your own diamond painting pen

How to make your own diamond painting pen


Many people don't like the pink pens in Diamond Painting Kits. It doesn't feel right in your hand, and you can't grip it. As a result, many people make their own diamond paintbrushes. If you want to know how to do this, I've given you a brief description.


Step 1 - Find a good pen

The first thing you need to do is find a pen that you like. Preferably one that you can master well. I have the following pen at home and I think it will work well. I have a good grip on it and it's not too heavy.


Step 2 -- Remove the spring and ink reservoir

Unscrew the pen and remove the spring and ink container. You will no longer need these parts. When I delete them, it looks like the image below.


Step 3 -- Cut off the pink nib

Now you need to take a pink pen and cut off the tip. You can see how much you need to cut off in the figure below. The cut off part will go into the nib of the new pen.


Step 4 -- Place the nib in the new pen

Now you take the nib of the pink pen you cut out and put it on the nib of the new pen.


Step 5 - Glue them together

You need to glue the pink tip and make it tie inside your new pen. I used a glue gun to attach the pink tip to the tip of the new pen. Remember not to use too much glue or you might cover the threads and then you won't be able to put the pen back on. You can also use Super glue.


Step 6 - Twist them together

Once the glue has dried, you can screw the pens together and then your own diamond paintbrush is ready to pick up the drill.


Different pencils

When I created this note, I also took the opportunity to create two more pencils at the same time. When I took them apart, the three pencils were a little different. The one I based on these instructions was the easiest to do. Because the section where the pink tip is placed is short, it is easy to glue it into place. For one of the pencils, the section was too long for me to use the glue gun to attach the pink tip. To solve this problem, I use a super glue with a small brush. It allows me to insert the brush into the hole in the nib and stick it on the inside. After that, I put the tip of the pink pen in and pulled it off with the tweezers so it came into contact with the glue. The tricky one is that you can see that it's stuck together because that part of the pen is transparent. However, it worked just as well as the other one.
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