How to use Diamond Painting Tools: Pen, Ruler, Tray, Wax and more

How to use Diamond Painting Tools: Pen, Ruler, Tray, Wax and more

Usually making cross - stitch is time consuming, diamond painting is relatively much easier, so how to stick diamond in the canvas? Here are the tips for how to use each diamond painting tools.

How to use diamond painting pen?

What Is a Diamond Painting Pen?
Your pen applicator is essential to your diamond art kit because it is the vessel that carries the drills (or diamond beads) from your tray to the canvas. As you learn how to master the art of diamond painting, you can use the pen that is provided with your diamond art kit. But, as you become more advanced, you may want to invest in other types of pens that can help you place multiple beads at one time.

How to Use Diamond Painting Pen?
Step 1 – Lay down your diamond painting template on a flat surface
Step 2 – Pour a few diamond beads onto the tray
Step 3 – Apply a bit of wax onto the pen
Step 4 – Poke at the beads
Step 5 – Place the bead on the canvas

How to use diamond painting Ruler?
Start by placing a diamond painting ruler in the corner of the diamond painting canvas. Place the ruler so the holes on the diamond painting canvas line up with the holes on the ruler.

Align the diamond painting ruler to see all the symbols for drills inside the canvas. The wide, metal part of the diamond mesh ruler should be outside the canvas.

Slowly lay down the ruler on the canvas, ensuring it aligns with all the diamond drill symbols on the canvas. Getting the ruler perfectly aligned in one spot on the canvas, but not the other spots, defeats the ruler’s purpose.

How to use diamond painting Tray?

Pour drills of a single color into the tray, Be careful not to fill it too full: there needs to be room for the drills to move around without spilling. Then, gently shake the tray from side to side until most of the drills have arranged themselves into neat rows. Carefully tap the spout end of the tray. This will cause the drills to slide backward and form neat, compact lines. Now you’re ready to pick up your drills, either individually or with a multi-placer.

Load up your diamond pen with the pink wax, this will let you pick up the diamonds. When it feels less sticky and you find it hard to pick up diamond, it’s time to refresh your wax, just pull it out with your tweezer and put in new ones. Don’t worry we give you enough wax to finish your painting with plenty to spare!

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