Ideas for leftover drills: What to do with the leftover diamond painting beads

Ideas for leftover drills: What to do with the leftover diamond painting beads

Have you completed one or more diamond paintings only to find yourself with lots of diamond painting beads? Since most diamond painting kits have more diamonds than you need to complete a full diamond painting, you are not alone figure out what to do with your leftover beads.

1. Make Beads-in-a-Bottle Crafts
Remember that children’s craft called sand art? The idea was to pour different colored sand into a uniquely shaped bottle to create an interesting pattern. Well, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this arts and crafts project! And, guess what? You also don’t need sand to create the same effect.

Grab your box of extra diamond painting beads and organize them by color (if they’re not already). You only have to do this with the colors that you’re planning to use, but it will make things easier in the future if you’re planning to use your beads for even more projects. Once the colors are sorted, find a bottle or a jar that you want to use and begin to pour your beads into the container in layers. Keeping the same colored beads together will create an interesting design, particularly if you vary the thickness of each colored section.

2. Build A Diamond Pen Holder
Leftover Diamond Beads can be used an old mason jar and leftover drills to create a gorgeous Diamond Pen Holder. Perfect if you have a lot of Diamond Pens piling up.

3. If I Could Put Diamonds In a Bottle
Another simple idea is to use your leftover diamond dotz to create bottle art. Similar to the concept of bottled sand art, you simply layer single colors on top of other colors until you fill the bottle. The end result can be a subtle ombre, like a sunset, or perhaps you prefer a bright rainbow of colors. Either way, this simple concept is a great way to put leftover diamond beads to good use.

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