The difference between diamond painting and cross stitch, Which is better diamond art or cross-stitch

The difference between diamond painting and cross stitch, Which is better diamond art or cross-stitch


Many friends are entangled in whether to buy cross stitch or diamond painting. Today I will analyze their origin, development, advantages and disadvantages for you, hoping to help you when choosing.


  1. Different production methods

Cross stitch is a kind of embroidery method that uses special embroidery thread and cross plaid, and uses the method of interweaving warp and weft to build a cross, and embroiders against a special coordinate pattern. Anyone can embroider the same effect.


Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is a combination of exquisite and shining artificial crystal flat-bottomed round diamonds (some square diamonds) and well-designed patterns organically combined by diamond painting designers. The drill is glued to the corresponding symbol on the canvas. In this way, the paste of the diamond is completed, and then slowly fill in the area corresponding to each symbol, and you can officially get started in a few minutes.


  1. Different time required

Diamond painting saves time than cross stitch. For the same pattern, the time to make diamond painting is about 1/10 of that of cross stitch, so you can make a diamond painting quickly.


  1. Different color effects

Because of the characteristics of diamonds, diamond paintings are more bright and eye-catching. After mounting and lighting, they can show the effect that cross stitch cannot achieve.


The origin of cross stitch

Cross stitch originated in China. Traditionally, when the woman gets married, the woman will give the man her own insoles, which are drawn by one stitch and one thread. lost. Later, this craft spread to Europe, and was widely popular in Europe and other countries and regions, mainly the royal family of France, Britain, Spain, Portugal and other countries. Because it is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-understand craft, it quickly became widespread and loved by people of all ages. Later, it was introduced to China again, and it is even more loved in this traditional embroidery country. There are many types of cross stitch, including clocks, landscapes, calligraphy and painting, still life, characters, cartoons, flowers, animals, pillows, Chinese style, wallets, car pillows, card sleeves, card holders, double-sided embroidery, three-sided embroidery, three-dimensional embroidery, mobile phone Bags, Ping An Fu, pendants, household items, accessories, embroidery series, personal portraits, wedding cross stitch, etc.


The origin of the diamond painting

The rise of diamond painting and 2012, when did Guangzhou Aite Craft Co., Ltd. applied for a diamond painting patent in 2012, and then the diamond painting market really opened up. DIY diamond painting brought together the popular DIY concept at that time and the most fashionable flash diamond concept , so that it can arouse great attention in a short period of time and be popular in the north and south of the country. There are many uses for diamond painting.

  1. It can help the elderly spend time.
  2. It can cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience, let children do it by themselves, improve their awareness of colors, improve their sense of achievement, and enhance their self-confidence
  3. You can gift your friends, you can give your friends finished products to express your feelings, or you can give your friends products to let them experience the happiness and sense of accomplishment.
  4. Can decorate home. You can hang the framed finished product in the living room, study, and bedroom to add artistic flavor, and put a self-made diamond painting at home, it will never get tired of seeing it!


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