Types of Diamond Painting Pens, How to Use Diamond Art Pens

Types of Diamond Painting Pens, How to Use Diamond Art Pens

The Diamond Painting can help the elderly pastime time. Give them DIY diamond paintings to kill their leisure time. Cultivate children's hands-on ability and patience. Let DIY diamond painting improve their understanding of color and aesthetics, cultivate their hands-on ability and patience, and make them love the world more. Gift to friends. You can present finished products to friends to express your mind, or present products to friends, so that they can experience the happiness and sense of accomplishment. It can decorate the home. The framed finished products can be hung in the living room, study and bedroom to add artistic flavor. There are many essential tools that can be used in diamond painting, today we are going to talk about everything about Diamond Painting Pens.

Types of Diamond Painting Pens
There are several different types of diamond painting pens, including drill pens, wax pens, and drill wheel pick-up pens.
Diamond Drill Pens
Diamond drill pens are included with every diamond painting kit and are a more traditional option. Use a diamond drill pen to transfer the diamond drill on an adhesive canvas with a color-coded scheme, then pick up a diamond crystal and drop it into position on the canvas.

Diamond Wax Pens
Diamond wax pens are more practical because they apply wax directly to a diamond drill. These pens don’t have to be dripped in wax, eliminating an extra step in the diamond painting process. When the wax stops coming out, sharpen the pen and continue painting.

Diamond Drill Wheel Pick-Up Pen
Wheel pick-up pens have an adhesive wheel on one end. Roll a wheel pick-up pen over identically-colored diamonds to grab several gems. Use a wheel pick-up pen on large same-colored areas to speed up the painting process, however, this type of pen is useless in different colored areas with many details.

How to Use Diamond Art Pens?
The diamond painting pen is how you interact with the diamonds, also called drills, or diamond dots, and way too many other names. You don’t pick up the diamonds with your fingers, since they would be really difficult to place accurately like that, plus you could get oil on them that might make them come un-stuck from the diamond painting over time. So, you’ll use the pen instead, and now we want to tell you how to use the diamond painting pen.

You need to start by dipping it in the wax. Different pens hold different amounts of wax, but the principle and how you use it is all the same. Dab some wax on there and then you can poke at the diamonds. The standard pen picks up one diamond at a time, and that’s what you’ll want to start with.

You can get other pens that hold more diamonds at once, but those are tougher to use. You can find pens that hold three and even five diamonds at one time to lay rows of diamonds quickly. Imagine how fast your painting will fill up with sparkly diamonds when you use one of those!

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