What is a diamond painting pen & How to use a diamond painting pen

What is a diamond painting pen & How to use a diamond painting pen


The Diamond Painting Pen is an excellent upgrade for any diamond painter. Every piece of art is unique, and the tools you use to create it should also be unique. When it comes to diamond painting pens, the styles are endless! You can find diamond art pens made of wood, leather, gel and more. From easy to hold thick pens to smooth fine pens, the perfect tools for your diamond painting are right there!


What is a diamond painting pen?

Before we go any further, what exactly is a diamond painting pen? The Diamond painting pen is the most important tool that allows you to pick up your diamond drill bits and place them on a sticky canvas. This pen is much easier than picking each drill bit with tweezers. Most of the diamond drawing pens included in the kit is made from plastic tubes with metal or plastic tips. If you like to make them for a long time, they are not very comfortable. The key part is that it has hollow Spaces at the tip that can be filled with sticky material that can gently pick up diamond beads.


The most basic diamond painting pen has a hollow metal end tube that can pick up a single diamond bit. This pen comes in a more advanced form with a wider tip that can pick up multiple diamond bits. We call it multiplayer and allow you to pick up two, three, four or even seven diamonds at once and place them in a row at the same time. Some diamond brushes have interchangeable nibs, so you can easily remove a single placer and install multiplayer.


How to use a diamond painting pen?

Diamond painting pens are used with diamond painting wax, a sticky sticky material that will fill the hollow tip of the pen, and this wax is essentially what your diamond beads will stick to. Without wax, your pen will not be able to pick up diamond bits.

Using a pen with fudge in it, you can pick up diamonds from a diamond painting tray or even a box and then transport them to your canvas. Diamonds will stick to the canvas and come off the pen. The bead can easily fall off the pen because the adhesive on the canvas is much stronger than the wax, so it works well to pull it off the pen. This is also where you get the satisfying popping sound of Diamond Painting.


All diamond brushes do the same thing. So what makes it different, and why should you buy more? Well, it's a matter of improving your comfort level. The basic pen you pull out of the kit is not the most ergonomic thing.


There are ways to make standard pens more comfortable, for example, Craft-Ease includes 2 foam cushions that you can use on the handle of the pen to make it more comfortable. Or a cute knit pencil holder, or even tape the holder to give your hands a better grip and curve.
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