What Should A Diamond Painting Starter Kit Include?

What Should A Diamond Painting Starter Kit Include?


The Diamond Painting Kit must contain a set of tools needed to start a diamond painting project. Let's look at the essential tools in an entry-level diamond kit.



Canvas is the main thing you need to start painting diamonds. It draws numbers and symbols on the canvas. They act as a painting guide by matching the color of the diamond. It also has a layer of adhesive on top. Glue helps to stick diamonds to the canvas and hold the painting together.


Diamond (drill)

Each kit comes in a variety of colored diamonds. All diamonds are stamped with a code. You need to match the color and numeric code of the diamond to the color and numeric code of the canvas. Each color is placed in separate packages.


A pallet

Each diamond kit painting has a tray to manage the diamonds. As they are small, they are easy to misplace. A tray can solve this problem for you.


The kit comes with a plastic tray with a sloping corner and tiny indentation. It helps you separate the diamonds in the tray for easy access. It also makes it easier to put diamonds back in their packaging.


Diamond stitch pen

You need the Diamond Applicator tool to start pasting diamonds onto the canvas. You cannot create diamond paintings by hand. This is a complex process in which the drill bit is small. You must use a cylindrical pen tool to pick up the diamonds and glue them to the canvas.


Wax or glue

After picking up the diamond with a diamond applicator, you'll need to apply gum to the base to stick it exactly to the canvas. Therefore, the diamond kit comes with a bucket of wax or glue.


Seal your painting

Once you've finished this dazzling piece of art, it's time to display your painting in the right way. The question here is how. Many artists use the technique of sealing diamond paintings. It completes the painting by applying sealant to it. If you see a drill popping up, you should do this. Sealing involves the use of finishing spray or clear glue with a paintbrush on the finished painting. Be careful, however, as poor quality sealers may take the shine away from the bit. If you frame the painting in glass, it does not need to be sealed. Diamond painting is an individual creative activity. Choose the design that suits you best and keep your creative juices flowing.


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