When Diamond Painting paste crooked, how to remedy

When Diamond Painting paste crooked, how to remedy

If the diamond painting is crooked, a hair dryer can be used to blow on the crooked place. The heat of the diamond painting will cause the glue on the back to melt, so that the diamond painting can be adjusted again and the masonry of the diamond painting can be fixed again. The processing method of diamond painting: the first step: the protective film of the clay is opened, and then the pen tip of the diamond painting is inserted into the clay, so that the pen tip is sticky, and you can begin to make diamond painting. Step 2: We first find the color we want to choose, then point a diamond with the pen, and then find the corresponding color from the picture. Step 3: Use as much protective film on the canvas as you can. Make sure not to rip all of it. This will prevent the glue from drying out. If the glue dries, you can blow it with hot air from a hair dryer to restore the viscosity of the backing cloth. Step 4: If there is a mistake, use a hair dryer to blow, while taking off the wrong drill. After all pasted, you can use a book to press on it, to make the diamond painting more firm. After the diamond painting is finished, it is best to mount it as soon as possible to avoid collecting dust. Diamond painting and cross-stitch somewhat similar, but diamond painting operation is more simple, easy to use, production time is shortened a lot. Diamond painting can not only decorate the home environment, but also can be used for daily recreation, passing the time, developing hands-on skills and patience.

Now that diamond painting has become popular among the public, people will be troubled when they do it, why my diamond painting is getting more and more crooked? In fact, the diamond painting is not crooked is a little trick. First of all, diamond paintings have a layer of release film, stick a little bit tear a little, don't rip all. Then you can use a card, a bank card or a school card type of cardboard card, at the top of the next row, and start drawing against the top of the card. So it's hard to draw crooked. If it's particularly large, it's recommended to find a larger table, wrap half of it, and tape the other half. After all pasted, wrapped up, it is recommended to mount in time, before mounting with a bit of heavy flat object press a drill, make it more firm.

Diamond painting paste method tutorial
Next, let's introduce the operation steps. First of all, we prepare the necessary tools for making diamond painting, such as tweezers, drill pen and drill disc. As for whether you use tweezers or drill pen, this is all based on personal preference. We will remove the dust cloth on the surface of the diamond painting. Be careful not to remove all the dust cloth, because there is adhesive on the surface of the canvas. If we remove all the dust cloth, it will be difficult to finish the whole production in a short time, and the canvas will be contaminated with dust, thus greatly reducing the completion effect of our painting. 03 We will find that there are various numbers on the canvas, which will guide us to complete the painting, which is particularly important. Next, we will take the number "0" as an example to explain the operation steps.

Then we can find the diamond number corresponding to "0" on the right side of the canvas, that is to say, we need to fill the area numbered "0" with diamonds corresponding to the serial number. It should be particularly reminded here that diamonds are selected according to the serial number, and the serial number corresponds to the number on the canvas, so do not take the number on the canvas as the basis for selecting diamonds. For example, if the number on the canvas is "6" and the corresponding diamond number is "2", then we need to use "2" diamond instead of "6" diamond. Then all we need to do is look for diamonds and find the "760" diamond corresponding to the "0" among all the diamonds we need to use. "760" is the diamond we need, remember not to choose wrong oh, be careful to choose.

06 Pour the diamonds into the point drilling tray, here can teach you a little skill, is to pour the diamonds into the point drilling tray, you can gently shake a few times, the diamonds will obediently line up, become positive, convenient for us to operate. 07 The next step is to click the drill, press the diamond on the canvas with tweezers and repeat the same procedure after each pasted area. As long as we don't get the diamond number wrong on the canvas, we will soon have a diamond painting. 08 After pasting, we can find some heavy things to compactthe whole picture, make sure the diamond will not fall off, then we can take it to frame, a beautiful diamond painting is finished, both easy to use, operation is not difficult.

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