Where To Start A Diamond Painting

Where To Start A Diamond Painting


Starting the Diamond Painting Kits in the right position is important to make the process go smoothly and avoid confusion. Because of the way one moves one's arm across the canvas, the place to start a diamond painting is different for a right-handed craftsman than a left-handed craftsman.


Most craftsmen start their diamond painting canvas at the top, which is a good place to start working. Painting from the top makes it easier to move and switch colors. Starting at the top helps to ensure that the bottom gem does not slip or drop due to heavy weight. It is also easier to uncover the plastic cover on top of the canvas and put it back in place when part of the painting is finished, which helps keep the plastic sticky and protect the finished work.


Many artisans like to start a diamond painting with one color and then move on to the next. But this method can quickly become tiring and confusing, causing the craftsman to over-move their arms and possibly stick to the finished drill.


Began painting diamonds for right-handed craftsmen

For right-handed people, the easiest place to start placing a drill bit on a diamond painting is the lower right corner of the canvas.


Help the right-handed person move quickly from the bottom right, peeling the plastic cover upward as they move forward to draw. The lower right corner is also a good starting point for right-handed artists, as it allows the craftsman to move the arm in a way that avoids sticking to the newly placed drill bit.


A right-handed craftsman can also start painting from the top left corner of the canvas. From here allow the plastic to move down with each finished section. Also, starting at the top left allows right-handed people to avoid placing their arms on the finished work and always stay away from the finished part.


Began painting diamonds for left-handed artisans

Left-handed artisans work differently, which is why it's best for them to start their diamond painting at the top right or bottom left corner of the canvas.


Working from the top right allows left-handed artists to easily lift the plastic lid off the painting as they work. Starting at the top right corner also prevents the artisan's arm from touching the drill that has just been placed. Left-handed artisans can also start diamond painting from the lower left corner. This way, the craftsman's arm will always be far away from the finished drill, and the painting will remain intact.


Completing small sections of the same color while moving across the canvas helps to complete the painting faster. Start with a four-by-four piece of the same color, then move to another square next to the finished piece. This technique applies to both right-handed and left-handed craftsmen.
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