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Cute Cat with Hat & Scarf

Cute Cat with Hat & Scarf

Best Diamond Art
Our exclusive products include high quality canvases for which dedicated designers optimize images in Photoshop to ensure your expectations are met. Exclusive products feature special high quality diamonds. They do not change color over time and have an even more sparkling effect.

Everything you need is included:

Picture of High quality canvas

High quality

Picture of High-end diamonds

High-end diamonds

Picture of Verified by Photoshop experts

Verified by Photoshop experts

Picture of Sending an example model by email

Quality Service

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Patented canvases that last a lifetime.
High-quality drills to ensure uniform size and fit.
Vibrant colors that match the artist’s original vision.
Each Purchase Includes:
⭐Full-Drill diamond painting.
⭐Equipped with all necessary tools.
⭐Choice of Round or Square drills.
⭐Contact us anytime via Email.
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    Fast shipping to ensure you enjoy diamond painting as soon as possible. Our diamond painting offer FREE Shipping on orders over $39.99.

  • Free Return

    If the product has quality problems or shipped the wrong product, we will provide a full refund or free exchange for you, we bear the shipping fee.

★ How to choose the correct diamond painting size?

*1 or 2 people, choose at least 30x40cm / 12x16in
*3 to 5 people, choose at least 40x50cm / 16x20in
*+5 people, choose at least 60x80cm / 24x32in

For regular and personalized kits:
The larger the canvas size, the better the picture detail will be.

★ About choosing diamond

Round Diamond: From colored acrylic, brings shiny 3D effects. Lines do not need to be aligned during the laying process. The layout is quicker because there are crayons in the kit.
Square Diamond: From colored acrylic. Square diamond fill very well all the free space. After completion, if you leveled the rows, the effect from the picture will be magnificent.

Round Diamond

Square Diamond

★ What's in the kit?

All our customers will receive a complete kit that allows you to start creating right away: everything you need is included in the kit!
- 1 high-quality adhesive canvas with the design to be covered
- Small Numbered Bags of Diamonds
- 1 Tray to collect and sort the diamonds in the right direction by shaking them slightly
- 1 tweezers (to apply the diamonds)
- Diamond Painting Pen (used to transfer diamonds to your canvas. )
- Soft Sponge Pen Holder: used for diamond drawing sticky pen. The grip of our pen feels soft and comfortable, which can help reduce muscle strain.
- 1 plate of wax/glue to be used to grip the diamond with the stylus.
- Resealable Bags: these are perfect for storing your leftover drills from diamond painting.
- Diamond Painting Corrector: The corector is perfect for both diamond painting beginners or experienced diamond painting professionals. Simply push the diamond stones straight row by row with the corrector and get a perfectly arranged result.

★ Diamond Painting Benefits

Family fun
You and your family will be able to spend hours of quality time together without cell phones, computers, video games or the TV going full blast.  Diamond paintings are great for parties, sleepovers and family get together.
Inexpensive and easy to learn
Talk about a great hobby!  Just order your diamond painting and you are good to go.  No need to invest in a lot of expensive equipment and diamond paintings require very few additional tools to complete. You also don’t need any lessons to get started, just open up the diamond painting kit and begin.
Suitable for all ages
Diamond paintings are great for kids of all ages.  Once they get started and get into it diamond paintings will keep them focused for hours at a time.  It’s a great way to while away a rainy afternoon with your kids.
Soothing and relaxing
Are you tired after a long work week? On weekends, Diamond painting gives you the time to calm down, focus and relax. After hours of crafting, you will have your own fantastic artwork. This will surely satisfy you and help you clear your mind, ready for another productive week.
Thoughtful gift idea for friends and family
Are you looking for an unique gift idea for your loved ones? For birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day, and many other occasions, Diamond painting will be an exceptional surprise that pleases almost everyone.
Finished product is ideal for hanging
Here’s the best part about diamond painting, you can hang the finished product proudly.  Finished diamond paintings absolutely radiate, their colors pop and shine and it’s amazing how much detail they show.