Complete Guide to Diamond Painting

What is diamond painting?

Diamond Painting is a craft that consists of creating beautiful relief paintings by gluing small colored diamonds on a self-designed canvas. In other words, to create a diamond painting, all you have to do is stick small diamonds on a canvas, while following the symbols and pattern drawn on it.

In fact, the "guide" that helps you create your work is to print on the canvas as a pattern to be reproduced in a grid, with the colors of diamonds to be placed on the sticky surface.

Both inexpensive and fun, diamond painting is a creative activity enjoyed by all!

As for the design, there is for everyone. You'll find many diamond painting designs: animals, landscapes, cities! In short, it's for boys and girls of all ages!

The diamond painting technique is quite easy, it is above all your patience that will be put to the test! A bit like a puzzle, you will create an original work to hang on the wall by gluing the diamonds of different colors on the space provided.

This is an activity for all ages and levels, as you can start with small paintings that are easier to make and then progress to large paintings to make beautiful pieces 50 cm long or more!

How to make diamond painting?

1. Remove a small amount of protective film from the canvas.
2. Check the symbol on which you will stick diamonds, and open the corresponding bag of diamonds according to the guide.
3. Grab the diamond with the stylus, taking a little bit of glue from the pink glue plate to apply the diamond more easily.
4. Place the diamond on the glue cloth.
Tips: always work on a small side of the painting and move forward on the canvas as you go.

And that's it! You can now begin your creation!

How to choose between round and square diamonds?

In choosing between Square and Round Drills, it's important to know that there are no right answers. Each has its pros and cons. Your goal should be to choose whichever shape that you think yields the most beautiful result with the most satisfying process.

Square Drill (aka Square Diamonds)
Creates A Fuller, More Complete Looking Painting.
Square Drill diamonds look a bit "cleaner" than Round Drill diamonds. They line up more easily and create a "fuller" mosaic look when enjoyed from a distance. The more diamonds you place, the cleaner the rows become.
Square Diamonds Satisfyingly "Snap" Into Place.
Sometimes it's the little things that matter! When you start making progress on a Diamond Painting and begin filling in gaps, you get a satisfying "snap" as the diamonds settle snugly into place.

Round Drill (aka Round Diamonds)
Easier (And Faster!) To Pick Up And Apply Diamonds.
Round diamonds require less exact placement than Square diamonds to cover the entire square on the canvas, so applying them is a bit faster.

Finished Painting Feels Less "Complete"
Given the round shape of the diamonds, gaps between diamonds may appear more apparent when you're close up with the painting. It's strongly recommended to view your Diamond Painting from afar!